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Posting Rules and Suggestions (Please read here first, before posting.)

I might be adding to these rules as I see the need.

Posting Rules

The following four rules are meant to be helpful AND to help keep anyone from getting into trouble.

1. Language -- since this community is made up of people of various ages and religious persuasions (for example, OldWarrior is a Christian and a minister emoticon ), please refrain from using foul language. Remember that members as young as 13 years of age may freely roam here. Also, it would be nice if some parents could share this site with their young piddlers. emoticon

2. Intellectual Property Policy -- while it is NOT this board's policy per se it IS a legal matter and Runboard strives to remind us not to do anything illegal. emoticon So, this is a reminder to respect copyright laws and IP policies.

3. SPAM --

3. a. Any post directly advertising something for sale will normally be considered spam even if advertising things related to the subjects discussed on this board. A classic example of spam is for a ebay seller to just show up here and advertise one of more of his/her current listings.

3. b. Answering a member's question to help them find something they are looking for would NOT be spam.

3. c. Topics and posts considered to be SPAM will be deleted.

4. Playing Nice -- Everyone who posts here should be respectful of others. Expressing ideas and even opposing ideas is acceptable, but attacking other members, being very confrontational, and otherwise detracting from a pleasant and relaxed environment is unacceptable behavior.

General Posting Suggestion: Please just try to post new topics where they seem to best fit within the forums. I realize that some may seem to fit in more than one place. The board's purpose is so broad that some overlap is to be expected.

Note that topics may be moved to the appropriate forums to help make this message board more useful to all visitors.

Searching the Forums -- While it is good to search for specific things which interest you, and to post in reply to them, feel free to post a new topic.

When using the Search feature here, the text you enter is matched only to the Subject line of the posts. So, when posting, please try to include some descriptive/unique text in the Subject line to help others be able to find the topic in the future.

By the way, some Internet search engines might allow you to find more within the Runboard forums (the body text of posts) than the Runboard Search feature. The drawback is that you get everything else on the net as well. I have not fully tested this though.

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