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Bright Lights and Deer!

Last night, while traveling home from my job, I was terribly annoyed by an oncoming vehicle which had its brights (hi-beam) turned on. Normally, I would flash my brights back to get them to realize it, but I could see the markings on the road and decided to just endure it this time.

As I approached the other vehicle, I noticed that it did not seem to be moving very fast, if at all. Finally, almost too late, I noticed several small deer -- maybe a family -- off to the right on my side of the road (yes, I drive in the USA, where we use the RIGHT side of the road! emoticon ). It was a close call, but the deer were in no big hurry and I was able to proceed slowly away, while still trying to figure out what had just happened. I also had turned on my hazard lights to help warn those coming behind me so that they might be more cautious than I had been.

My brain finally caught up with the facts... Apparently, the driver of the vehicle with its brights on (within a semi-residential area) was trying to give warning about the deer, hence the bright lights. However, the bright lights were a distraction that almost caused me to NOT notice the deer.

So, I reasoned that if I had been in that situation, I would definitely have used my hazard lights and fog lights (if available) and would NOT use brights.

Perhaps I am just ignorant of the way such things are supposed to be handled... Does anyone know "proper procedure" for helping deer to cross the road/highway at night -- I mean in addition to staying out of their way?

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Re: Bright Lights and Deer!

You can't "help" the deer cross the road.
They will go when, where and how they choose.
I do know that if they "see" you, they will sometimes FREEZE! Right in the middle of the road. The headlights will cause them to do so.
You need to be the one very wary. Slow down as much and as safely as possible. Where you see one, there are usually at least a doe and her fawns or the whole herd somewhere about.

Flashing ones headlights at oncoming cars, very, VERY [sign in to see URL] them to "something"....never leave your headlights on high beam when oncoming traffic is in range. [sign in to see URL]'s illegal. [sign in to see URL] can cause the deer to FREEZE and stay on the road longer.

Just slow down and be careful. I've lived in rural areas my whole [sign in to see URL] thousand of deer, elk and antelope as well as cows, sheep and even horses on the roads. I've been [sign in to see URL]'ve only hit 3 deer in my 30 years of [sign in to see URL] yes, as many times as I could have hit [sign in to see URL] is very lucky!


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